In order to better integrate the advantages of precise medical treatment of liver tumors, build a comprehensive platform for precise clinical treatment and scientific research communication of liver tumors, the Forum for Precision Medicine in Hepatocellular Carcinoma will be convened in Beijing on 2-4th November 2018.

The forum sponsored by the Chinese Research Hospital Association Molecular Diagnostic Committee which is the national-level science and technology association.

The forum is held aiming to optimize the combination of precise medical treatment of liver tumors, integrate superior resources and build a comprehensive platform for liver cancer precision medical treatment.

This forum is the first International Forum on liver tumor single disease in China, which is deep, multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and advanced. The forum will set up a new pattern of 3D visualization reconstruction and a new clinical application of 4D CT imaging accurate chemoembolization through hepatic artery in the treatment of liver tumor with precise hepatectomy. Moreover, the forum will collect the innovative advances in nanomaterials, robot navigation, molecular imaging and digital imaging systems which refer to minimally invasive ablation of liver tumors. In addition, new findings and breakthroughs in the practice of molecular targeting accurate diagnosis and treatment, CART cell therapy, liver tumor genomics, proteomics, metabonomics and immunological mechanisms in the practice of liver cancer will be discussed in the forum. International and domestic clinical workers, basic scientists, big data industries and innovative technology companies will participate in this forum. It will further support scientific 3D MDT collaborative diagnosis and treatment scheme, and will bring new opportunities for standardization and precision of local treatment of liver tumors.

The forum bring together about 600 clinicians, scientists and hepatology associates from all around the world to share the last advances of accurate diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer. They will make special talks on multiple innovative concepts for liver cancer, Research hotspots, advanced research models, and translational research.

There will be more than 100 experts who from the National Institutes of Health, the American Mayo Clinic, the American Memorial Sloan Catherine cancer center, the western daninai medical center, the French Academy of surgery, the Buenos Aires hospital in Argentina, the University of Tokyo Yamanashi hospital in Japan, the medical school of the Korean University of Yan Yoni, the University of Navarra, Spain, and the Haifa University of science and technology, Israel, the Western Le Ya law medical center, Medicine center of Israel Hadassah Hebrew University and other internationally celebrated medical units bring new technologies and medical ideas. There will be dozens academicians, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winners, the National Excellent Youth Fund winners, the Changjiang Scholars, the “thousand people program” Scholars and other domestic top liver and gallbladder cancer experts, pathologists, imaging experts, and research scientists of translational medicine make a splendid report in the forum. This forum is in prospect to be geared to international standards and increase our academic influence in this field. 

The whole course of the conference are in English. The forum contains the opening ceremony, the academician's summit forum, the International Forum on diagnosis and treatment, the accurate surgical division forum, the comprehensive internal medicine sub forum, the minimally invasive intervention forum, the transformation of Medical Branch forum, the forward discussion round table, the clinical MDT thinking ability training camp, and the award presentation. This forum aims to build a 3D cooperation platform for international and domestic clinical workers, translational medical scientists, Big data industries and innovative technology companies. Secondly, it will provide entities for the R & D cooperation, technology extension and standardized training in the field of precise medicine of liver cancer. It also provides an unique chance to meet and discuss clinical innovation and research challenges, as well as  to interact socially, network and estabolish futhre collaborations. Hence, it is our great honor to  invite all enterprises to participate in this conference.


1. Satellite meeting sponsorship at Main venue: 150 thousand yuan / scence.

There are 2 satellite meetings in this forum, each of them for 30 minutes. Location: Main Meeting-place. Time: After the lunch. We offer 1 exhibition stand, registration fee waived for 5 participants of enterprise and 10 two-days lunch cards.

2. Title sponsorship of Main venue: 300 thousand yuan.

The main hall will have 2 title sponsorships; exclusive purchase needs 500 thousand yuan. You can play 10 minutes’ promotional commercials at lunch time. We offer 1 exhibition stand, registration fee waived for 10 participants of enterprise and 20 two-days lunch cards.

3. Title sponsorship of Branch forums: 100 thousand yuan.

There are 5 branch forums in this forum, and each of them has 2 title sponsorships. We offer 1 exhibition stand, 5 participants of enterprise registration fee and 10 two-days lunch cards.

4. The exhibition platform for enterprise: 60 thousand yuan.

We offer a 3×2 m enterprise image display platform, which is located outside the main meeting place. We offer 6 two-days lunch cards.

5. Case report meeting: 40 thousand yuan/ scence.

You can set up an MDT team with one speaker, one case, and take part in clinical MDT thinking training camp case report meeting. We offer the two-days lunch cards for each MDT members and 2 of workers.

6. Dinner title sponsor: 70 thousand yuan.

You need support two forum dinner at two days. We offer 1 exhibition stand, 5 participants of enterprise registration fee and 10 two-days lunch cards. The sponsor can play 5 minutes’ promotional commercials before the dinner.

7. The buffet lunch sponsorship: 40 thousand yuan.

You need support two buffet lunches at two days. We offer 10 two-days lunch cards.

8. The tea-break sponsorship: 30 thousand yuan.

You need support four tea-break foods at two days. We offer 10 two-days lunch cards.

9. Sponsors for the conference data bag: 30 thousand yuan.

a) The name of the forum is printed on the side of the conference bag, and the name of the enterprise is printed on the other side.

b) The pens and notebooks used during the conference could be printed the sponsor’s name, and one suit per conference data bag.

c) One brochure of sponsor per conference data bag.

10. Sponsors for the inset propaganda.

Inside front or inside back cover: 4000 yuan; the back cover: 5000 yuan; the insert: 3000 yuan.

All activities during the meeting of the participating units should agree with the meeting group in advance, and the exhibitors are not allowed to conduct other activities in private.


Remittance before September 30th please.

Contact with: 010-66933430/ 18910349929.

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2018 Beijing Liver Cancer International Conference (BLCIC)

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Conference Date: November 2~4 , 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018 Online Registration Deadline: October 31, 2018 On-site Registration Date: November 2~4, 2018

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