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Dear Colleagues,
The 2018 Beijing Liver Cancer International Conference (BLCIC) will be held from 2 to 4 Novemver 2018, Beijing, China. This forum will cover issues on surgical treatment, medical treatment, minimally invasive or radiotherapy and interventional therapy, specific nursing and translational medicine research of Hepatobiliary Malignancies. We are delighted to invite you to submit or recommend original research papers to this conference through our Paper Submission System.


1) Surgical treatment of Hepatobiliary Malignancies   

 · Precision resection of Hepatobiliary Tumor

 · Laparoscopic operation of Hepatobiliary Tumor

 · Robotic surgery of hepatobiliary tumor

 · Liver transplantation for hepatobiliary tumor


2)Liver Cancer Prevention and Early Screening   

 · Surveillance and early prevention management of liver
   cancer in chronic hepatitis population   

 · Comprehensive treatment for companion liver disease
    with liver cancer   

 · New biomarkers development in liver cancer  

 · Antiviral therapy and anti-fibrosis therapy correlated
   with liver cancer

3) Immunotherapy and Targeted therapy for
    Liver Cancer

 · Immune therapy of liver cancer   

 · Adoptive cellular immunotherapy of liver cancer   

 · Molecular targeted therapy   

 · Chemotherapy or combination therapy of liver cancer

 · Other new immunotherapy strategies for liver cancer


4) Minimally Invasive, Interventional Therapy and
    Radiotherapy of Liver Cancer

 · Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE)
   of hepatobiliary tumor   

 · Thermal ablation therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma

 · Cryoablation and Irreversible electroporation (IRE) therapy
   for hepatocellular carcinoma   

 · Radiotherapy of liver cancer   

 · Other minimally invasive therapy of liver cancer

5) Translational Researches of Liver Cancer

 · Noninvasive detection and molecular marker of liver cancer

 · Tumor microenvironment and immunoregulation of
   liver cancer   

 · Genotyping of hepatobiliary tumor   

 · Big Data and Intelligent Healthcare exploration of 
   liver cancer

 · 3D Drug sensitivity screening, synthetic biology, other
   new diagnostic and therapeutic strategy of liver cancer


6) Specific Nursing of Liver Cancer

 · Postoperative nursing care of liver cancer   

 · Patient education    

 · Psychological nursing for liver cancer patients  

 · Clinical research management of nursing in liver cancer  

 · Comprehensive nursing of hepatobiliary tumor

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    17 Day 0 Hr 43 Min 59 Sec

    Key Dates

    Conference Date: November 2~4 , 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018 Online Registration Deadline: October 31, 2018 On-site Registration Date: November 2~4, 2018

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